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Getting rid of the household scrap can be a tedious job. Fortunately, Cash My Scrap makes it easier and beneficial. A unique online platform, Cash My Scrap allows you to sell your recyclable household scrap for a great price. Designed to offer easy & reliable solutions for household waste disposal, the platform buys all sorts of recyclable scrap including Newspapers, Books, Paper, Iron, Metal, AC, Refrigerator, TV, Phone etc.

The idea of creating this platform which deals with Household waste came into our mind when we experienced people around us struggling with finding a reliable & socially responsible source to dispose of their household waste. The educated and environmental friendly population of today does not want their recyclable waste to go in the hands of unorganized players, who further dump it for the purpose of land filling and rot with all the non-biodegradable waste.

By the virtue of this platform we provide consumers with a reliable solution to dispose of their household recyclable waste without harming the Mother Nature and help to reduce the carbon footprints and get monetarily benefitted as well.

Dispose of your household waste in an eco-friendly manner

Cash My Scarp welcomes all types of recyclable scrap from your household and takes the responsibility to recycle it with best measures. We have tie-ups with responsible recycling houses that ensure your waste is put to best use. Throwing recyclable waste in the trash does nothing but pollute the eco-system. We buy your scarp and help you keep your house clean while creating a sustainable environment.